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Pacto X El Clima


Pacto's mission is to transform Latin American society with youth to build a more prosperous, equitable, peaceful world and in harmony with the ecological environment in which we live through attractive and convincing communication, education, art, research and actions.

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Action organized by Pacto
 Their Story 

In May 2019, a group of climate activists began to organize Polas X El Clima (Beers for Climate), a space for discussion where young people of all ages and perspectives met to discuss the present and future of climate activism in Colombia and the region. After countless hours of discussion and debate, we identified a fundamental disconnect between the messages that science gives us, the interests of the broader public opinion in the region, the priorities of young Latin Americans, and the predominant political messages in the country. We concluded that it was time to “tropicalize and humanize” the climate discourse. Not only did we need to start talking about the role that the countries of the Global South, including Colombia, play when tackling climate change mitigation and adaptation, but we also considered it essential to make a stronger connection with the socio-economic problems of inequity, violence and poverty that have so overwhelmed our region.


We began with a series of questions: Is the climate crisis a real and tangible concern for the Latin American peoples? How can we communicate the crisis in a way that is more accessible to those who see the environment as a distant issue unrelated to everyday social, cultural and political concerns? Beyond marching on the streets, what political action mechanisms do we have to promote climate action? 


Pacto X El Clima was born as a dream to empower young leaders committed to change and social justice through art, pedagogy, political action and original research. 


Past projects 

  • Workshop on climate education

    • Panel discussion/workshop on environmental education for social transformation in an academic context, with panellists from different Colombian civil society organisations.

  • Panel discussion: Climate Negotiations: What Are They and What are they really up to? (“Negociaciones Climáticas: ¿Qué son y con que se comen?”)

    • With less than 6 months left till COP26, Pacto and other Colombian environmental activist groups held a panel discussion on Latin America’s most pressing environmental issues.

Ongoing &  future projects 

  • Ratifying the Escazú Climate Agreement in Colombia

    • Pacto is doing various things to work towards this, as well as raise national consciousness about this issue — notably, they have organised a few educational events on Instagram Live, bringing in environmental activists to discuss the ratification process and the importance of the agreement.

  • Call to action re: police brutality and free speech issues affecting Colombian youth

Support Pacto X El Clima in meeting their funding needs:

  • Member trainings on issues such as public speaking, political lobbying and strategizing, and online communication

  • Advertising material design costs

  • Banners and materials for mass mobilizations

  • Website hosting and SEO costs

  • Paying taxes, registration and legal fees, and fiscal auditing of the foundation

  • Professional Zoom Account

  • Administrative costs

  • Project costs including salaries, transport, food, and pedagogical materials

Support Pacto X El Clima in meeting their non-financial needs:

  • Poster design

  • Video production

  • Audio production

  • Advisory and training on public speaking, political lobbying and strategizing, online communications, website design and SEO

  • Access to international media

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