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Get funding, receive personalized support, and connect with others working in the climate space!

If you are a community-led climate action group, we want to support you in an effective and holistic way.

Fill out our interest form and we'll reach out as soon as we can!

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 What we look for 

Eligibility criteria

Evaluation criteria

Only groups that fulfil all of the following criteria can qualify as a GreenCheck Partner:

1. Ability to accept donations

  • Country in which the group is based must allow foreign donations

  • Group must be eligible to receive funds

2. Community-led

  • Members of the target community must be a part of discussions and decision-making processes of the group 


3. Demonstrable need

  • Group must be able to detail with clarity projects and/or functions that are currently underfunded 


4. Ongoing project with long-term plans

  • GreenCheck does not fund one-time projects, we support the whole partner in all their operations and specific needs

Apart from fulfilling the eligibility criteria, groups will be evaluated on the following factors. We strongly encourage groups that may not fulfil all of our criteria to reach out:

1. Commitment

  • Group was established 1-3 years ago

  • Group has clearly detailed long-term plans for the next 6 to 12 months 


2. Impact

  • Group has goals that are realistic and achievable, given the socio-geo-political context in which the group operates

  • Group can provide strong evidence that they have the numbers, knowledge, and permissions to execute proposed projects

  • Group can clearly explain how their mission contributes to the mitigation of and/or adaptation to the climate crisis in their context


3. Ability to form lasting relationship

  • Group can commit to providing regular progress reports, preferably monthly, and meetings, as needed

  • Group has measures in place to ensure transparency

  • Group has some English-speaking capacity 

Does this sound like your group?

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