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SG Climate Rally


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SGCR's mission is to bring about a bold, just and necessary transition to net zero emissions in Singapore by 2050 by mobilising broad support from the public, policymakers and businesses.

This transition must be premised on equity, collaboration and care, and will require the transformation of our economic and socio-political systems, as well as our current relationship with the natural world.


SG Climate Rally was born from the understanding that we face a climate emergency, and that individual action alone is insufficient to tackle it. They stand for climate justice and push for a just transition; seeking to uplift communities and work with those in power to achieve fair, ambitious climate policy to safeguard our future.

Their Calls to Action to reflect the intersectional nature of climate change and make clear that the green recovery we need must be fair, just and equitable; leaving no one behind. They call on the Government, corporations and communities to: 

  1. Bring Power to the People

  2. Launch a Green Recovery

  3. Redefine Pragmatism and Growth


Past projects 

  • Singapore's first Climate Rally 2019

    • In 2019, SGCR organised Singapore’s first climate rally with three Calls to Action: for the government to face the truth about the climate emergency, combat the crisis with a national climate mitigation plan, and engage the people on the climate crisis. Over 2,000 people turned up at the rally, demonstrating the people's support for the government to pursue ambitious climate policy. (Read More)

  • Greenwatch Campaign 2020

    • This campaign was launched to raise awareness and  provoke deeper commitments to upcoming climate and social justice policies in light of Singapore’s General Election in July 2020. Results have shown that the major political party, the People’s Action Party, scored lower than four other political parties with more ambitious climate policies due to a significant increase of younger voters expressing a need for different views in Parliament. (Read More)

  • Asia Climate Rally 2020

    • In light of Covid-19 restrictions, SGCR organised a regional digital climate rally in 2020 with climate activist groups representing 11 Asian countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Bangladesh. (Read More)

Ongoing &  future projects 

  • Petrol Hike Petition 2021

    • On Labour Day 2021, SGCR organised an open meeting marking the delivery of a petition of 2063 individual and 19 organisational signatories. This petition demands 5 government agencies for better income, legal and medical rights for private-hire drivers and food delivery riders, full rebates on the petrol tax hike due to green transport, better affordability for green/hybrid cars, and development of infrastructures for pedestrians and riders’ safety. SGCR wants workers and environmentalists to rally around a concrete set of demands that is both in the interests of workers and the environment. This represents a just transition to the movement. For this petition, the movement is focusing on organising around app-based food couriers because App-based food couriers face significant risk of heat stress and an unsafe work environment as a result of heavy rain, due to rapidly changing temperatures. (Read More)

Support SGCR in meeting their funding needs:

  • Internal Administration, Logistics, & Training

    • Monthly subscriptions to data storage software

    • Online meeting platforms (e.g. Zoom)

    • Unlimited cloud storage

    • Website hosting

    • Internal training sessions

  • Accessibility arrangements 

    • Singapore Sign Language interpretation

    • Live-captioning Software for audio-visuals

    • Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin translations for their English content

  • Outreach Facilitation costs

    • Honorariums for external speakers and guests

    • Team Account on brainstorming platform Miro

    • Transport Reimbursements for speakers & facilitators

    • Venue rental

    • Canva Pro

    • Marketing & Advertising costs

Support SGCR in meeting their non-financial needs:

  • Website development and SEO

  • Venue to host events when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted

  • Workshops on political education related to our cause to deepen and/or diversify our knowledge

  • Volunteer translators (ad-hoc)

  • Pro bono legal assistance (as needed)

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