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Grown In Haiti


Grown in Haiti is a grassroots startup that aims to support community empowerment and environmental regeneration in rural communities of Haiti.

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 Their Story 

In 2014, Grown in Haiti started with a small nursery of diverse, food-bearing trees. Since then, the small but mighty team has distributed well over 6,000 trees all for free and seen the scope of their work widen dramatically. Seeking to support practices that lead to healthier soil, genetically diverse ecosystems, and ultimately healthier people, they now work on everything from regenerative food systems that feed the community while healing the soil to scholarships for local schoolchildren.

Grown in Haiti is now a pillar of the community, working every day to show that improving the natural environment and your community go hand in hand!


Past projects 

  • Regenerative Food Systems

    • ​They have created six regenerative food systems, so far, that not only feed their community but also rebuilds depleted soil while acting as a living seed bank by providing seeds for the creation of future food systems. They have been flourishing and helping show community members what is possible when we work together to create a healthy environment for all of us.

  • First Aid

    • They provided necessary first aid to the community at no cost to ensure that everyone in need had access to care despite hospitals that are often understocked and sometimes too expensive for the community to rely on.

  • Water Catchment Systems

    • They have been building and repairing existing water catchment systems for our community since 2014. So far, they have built 3 of these systems to provide life-sustaining water during dry seasons, and each one can hold 15,000+ gallons.

  • Fruit and Hardwood Nursery

    • They share a diverse assortment of trees out of our nursery to aid the community in creating a healthier ecosystem. Now, after distributing well over 5,000 food-bearing and hardwood trees, it's more productive than ever and community members have taken on the responsibility to maintain it.

  • Repairs and Relief

    • Haiti sadly experiences many natural disasters but the government does not provide recovery assistance. GIH creates community resilience by raising money through donations to repair homes and even roads that have been damaged.​

  • Agroforestry Workshops

    • ​​They offer a variety of agroforestry workshops that focus on using regenerative and syntropic methods to not only improve soil biology, but also improve the overall health of the environment. They want to make sure that people understand how important it is to take care of the land we live on, and how they can do so by simply changing the way they manage their land.

  • Scholarships

    • ​It may come as a surprise but schools in Haiti are not for free. They try their best to alleviate this financial burden on families by providing scholarships for those kids not able to afford tuition.

Ongoing &  future projects 

  • Agroforestry Team Training

    • They’re currently in the process of training an agroforestry team that will help manage land in the community and also to continue training others in regenerative practices.

    • As part of the training, they are creating 3 new food systems within the next 3 years on various types of terrain. The goal is to create a sustainable, and resilient community-based approach to growing food. They will be using syntropic principles and other regenerative practices which focus on a more holistic approach to managing the land.

    • They’ll be working with local farmers to create a sustainable model for growing food that can be replicated throughout the country.

  • Community Centers

    • ​They’re currently in the process of raising funds for the construction of a community center where self-guided learning will take priority over traditional school systems. This space will also double as an emergency shelter during hurricanes and earthquakes. Their goal is simple — to provide a safe space equipped with the tools to help you further your own learning and progress, at whatever pace feels right to you. We want to create a space where anyone can have access to knowledge regardless of age, sex or creed.

  • Mushroom Cultivation

    • ​We are currently learning about identifying and cultivating both edible and medicinal mushrooms. We hope that this will be an extra source of nutrition for our community, and that it influences others to start cultivating for themselves.

Support Grown in Haiti in meeting their funding needs:

Support Grown in Haiti in meeting their non-financial needs:

  • Seed Library

    • GiH needs funds to procure new seeds and improve storage of the seed library.

  • Community Centre Structure

    • Funds are needed to improve and expand the structure for the community centre.

  • Future Workshops

    • More funds means the capacity for more and better workshops!

  • Website Hosting​​

  • Information Exchange and Networking

    • If you or anyone you know has expertise in agroecology, regenerative agriculture, or community organising, please don't hesitate to reach out!

  • Seed Swapping

    • Would you like to exchange seeds and improve the biodiversity of our library as well as yours? Get in touch!

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