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Do you want to support a community-led climate action group?

Support a Partner with your money or time and become a part of their community.

Become a 

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 How to become a Supporter 

  • Contribute money to one or more of our Partner Groups; OR

  • Volunteer with one or more of our Partner Groups; OR

  • Contribute money to GreenCheck

NOTE: GreenCheck and our Partners reserve the right to reject contributions from individuals and organisations whose values do not align and are in direct conflict with ours. 

 Ways to become a better Supporter 

Reflect on your intentions & position in the climate crisis 

Understand the extent of your impact

Commit yourself to learning (and unlearning!) more about the climate crisis

Resources and privilege are distributed unevenly across society.  If you support our Partners, you do it because you believe in their missions, believe in equity, and because you want to support their work in the long-term.

Our Partners and MAPA regions need more than just temporary forms of support like volunteers and monetary contributions. We need consistent efforts, big and small, to build collective resilience and a culture of care around climate action.

Embracing responsibility and finding your place in the struggle towards climate justice is something we want to help you with! But doing your own research is also important. Visit Learn/Unlearn for a start!

Our Promises to you


  • GreenCheck is determined to make our exchanges and impact as transparent as possible. Supporters should expect monthly updates from the partner(s) they support and access to any procedural information. Visit Our Impact to learn more.

  • Becoming a Supporter means immediately getting access to the GreenCheck Community! Learn more about all the benefits here.

Help us maintain our crucial operations! Your donation will contribute to covering administrative fees, providing capacity building services for our Partners, compensating our volunteers, and more. A donation to GreenCheck will also give you access to our GreenCheck Community networking platform!

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