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Klima Action Malaysia


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KAMY is a climate justice movement led by youth in Malaysia. They believe that supporting vulnerable groups like Indigenous communities, women, and youth, nurturing meaningful partnerships, and strengthening constituencies across civil society organizations set the foundation for a people's led climate action.

 Their Story 

Since April 2019, we have powered a range of bottom-up strategies to empower the communities through multi-language advocacy, climate protests, capacity building workshops, community awareness to reach the broader demographic. We must break the urban and western narrative of the climate discourse and nurture discussions centered on justice and human rights.


Past projects 


    • All of KAMY's climate strikes in Kuala Lumpur throughout 2019. Organized with grassroots communities, civil societies, and students in Malaysia. The climate strikes have been attended by ~9,000 people.

  • Asia Climate Rally 2020

    • Asia Climate Rally presented more than 30 speakers with performances from local artists, and interactive sessions and quizzes; all packed in a 4-hour livestream that inspired climate solidarity and harnessed our Asian resistance.

  • “Why the Climate Crisis is a Women’s Issue”

    • In conjunction with International Women’s Day, KAMY organised a panel discussion featuring Malaysian climate activists, researchers, and consultants to explain how the climate crisis impacts women disproportionately in Malaysia.

Ongoing &  future projects 

  • Weaving Hopes for the Future

    • The project is an art and cultural response to the climate degradation and climate injustice around us, focusing on creating a space for Orang Asli (Indigenous) youths and women to participate meaningfully in climate action both locally and globally.

  • Climate Emergency Coalition

    • Mobilizing the first climate emergency coalition in Malaysia together with more than 20 civil societies groups. This coalition aims to address the climate emergency in Malaysia and at the same time facilitate civil societies to increase understanding of the impact of the climate crisis on affected groups, and the work of NGOs and CSOs.

  • Southeast Asia Climate Alliance (SEACA)

    • KAMY with grassroots groups across the region have come together through SEACA to build a space for Southeast Asian climate activists to connect, organize, and learn from each other.

Aroe Ajoeni (she/her)

Co-founder of KAMY

Aroe is a university student who actively speaks about the climate crisis in Malaysia. Now, she is one of the young people in Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY) who builds capacity of other youth to fight the climate crisis.

For Aroe, the climate crisis is not just a youth issue, but a health and socio-economic issue of the people. As KAMY's technical officer and head of the research team, she focuses on the production of visual content to provide a platform for marginal communities such as the indigenous people; in the formation of a citizen-based discourse of the climate, which is often underestimated by many.

Support KAMY in meeting their funding needs:

  • Website hosting

  • Zoom Premium account

  • Restream

  • Padlet

  • Supporting volunteers: KAMY’s content creation team and podcast team of 10 people have been working voluntarily for the past year. 98% of them are students, currently studying locally and abroad. Their scope of work include, researching, interviewing, curating digestible infographics, translating, and graphic design. Their work has immensely helped increase climate communication in Malaysia. Any amount of donation would motivate our team to work better and create more climate content.

Support KAMY in meeting their non-financial needs:

  • Writers

  • Social media Team 

  • Digital strike team 

  • Weaving Hopes project team

  • Southeast Asia Climate Alliance (SEACA) coordinators

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