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Meet our Partners

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Our partners are led by and for their communities so that the work they do meets what is needed for their specific situation. Whether they're growing affordable food for their neighbors,  mobilizing them to hold elected officials accountable, or fighting corporations alongside vulnerable communities, they do whatever is needed most to make a positive impact for their community and our world at large.

 To learn more about their work, scroll down or click on any of the logos above to jump to that Partner. 

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CEPC Tolimán


A community-focused permaculture initiative in rural Guatemala founded and run entirely by Indigenous Mayan-Kaqchikel people.

  • Centers traditional Mayan knowledge and agroecological practices which continue to be erased by industrial practices and monocultures which degrade the richness of the soil they live and work on.

  • Focuses on promoting permaculture to advance food sovereignty and self-reliance for communities who depend on overall planetary health.


Grown in Haiti


A grassroots startup that aims to support community empowerment and environmental regeneration in rural communities of Haiti.

  • Focuses on supporting practices that lead to healthier soil, genetically diverse ecosystems, and ultimately healthier people.

  • Provides a wide range of services from rainwater collection and fruit tree planting to hurricane recovery support and academic scholarships to holistically address the needs of their community

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Klima Action Malaysia


A climate justice movement led by youth in Malaysia.

  • Organizes, mobilizes and strengthens civil society constituencies as little pressure has been put on the government to take action against the climate crisis which is directly affecting them

  • Focuses on the most vulnerable populations such as women, indigenous peoples, and children because they are the ones being impacted first and have contributed the least in the climate crisis. 


Pacto X El Clima


A youth collective building a more prosperous, equitable, peaceful world, in harmony with the ecological environment.

  • Aims to empower youth from all over Latin America because the socio-economic problems in the region are deeply interconnected to the environment and will affect them and future generations the most

  • Is leading debates on climate justice and the need to ratify the Escazú agreement - the first regional, binding agreement merging environmental and human rights – considering that Latin America is still the most dangerous region to be social and environmental leaders in

SG Climate Rally


A youth led group pushing for a transition to net zero emissions in Singapore by 2050 by mobilising broad support from the public, policymakers, and businesses.

  • Calling for a just transition because they recognize that the effects of the climate crisis are unequally distributed and the government of Singapore has a part to play to ensure that the affected communities’ rights are respected

  • Wants to redefine pragmatism and growth because although it helped Singapore achieve rapid economic development, a change of mindset that is not growth and profit-driven would make tackling the climate crisis easier, and it is possible!

ULAN also works with disability groups.jpeg

Upholding Life And Nature


A community servicer promoting community empowerment through law, development, and policy reform.

  • Provides legal aid to indigenous communities who are being criminalized for protecting their environment and fighting for their land

  • Fights for disability rights and raises awareness about the intersectional nature of the climate crisis because the disabled population is the first to be impacted by climate catastrophes in their area.

Grown in Haiti
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