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We redistribute resources to the Most Affected Peoples and Areas (MAPA) for equitable climate action through:​

At our core, we are an organisation striving towards regenerative* change.

We redirect resources from Supporters (like yourself!) to high-impact, community-led climate action groups in MAPA we call our Partner Groups. These “resources” include monetary contributions and skills that you can share with Partners by volunteering with them. GreenCheck emphasises equity* and decoloniality* in partners’ work as we ensure that solutions stem from community needs and beliefs, and that communities retain full ownership over their own projects. We also create safe spaces for traditional climate knowledge to emerge and disperse between all participants through GreenCheck Community.

* Key terms!

To go beyond sustainability (maintenance of conditions for the long-run) and reach restoration and an improvement of conditions over time.

A fair distribution of benefits and burdens across all segments of a community, prioritising those with highest need.

A confrontation and undoing of colonial, social, political, academic, economic etc. systems and ways of thinking (e.g. white supremacy, homophobia, etc.).

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Become a Supporter by donating/volunteering with our Partner(s) and/or GreenCheck

Gain access to and join GreenCheck Community, our networking platform

How does it work?


GreenCheck enables you to participate in climate action efforts by contributing your money to our Partner Groups as a Supporter.

With your contribution, groups that need financial resources to cover their essential operational & project costs are able to scale their activities and reach their full potential. 


Read more about GreenCheck funding in our FAQs.  

Network Creation

GreenCheck Community is a hub for GreenCheck Partners, Community Members, and Supporters to connect and share ideas and opportunities.


While Supporters donate to and support Partner Groups, Partners also have much to offer Supporters. GreenCheck Community facilitates a two-way, reciprocal exchange of support and dismantles unequal power dynamics that are present in conventional philanthropy and charity.

Read more about our online GreenCheck Community in our FAQs.  

Capacity Enhancement

GreenCheck facilitates training and opportunities to develop GreenCheck Partner Groups’ skills and capacities to maximise their potential.


Some Partners have needs that extend beyond financial ones. Capacity enhancement activities meet these needs and minimise any remaining barriers that stand in their way to maintain and improve their work.

Read more about GreenCheck capacity enhancement work in our FAQs.  

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