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GreenCheck Community Guidelines (English)

GreenCheck Community Guidelines

  • Blaming, shaming, discriminating or ostracizing in any other form are not part of our vision of a regenerative future and as such will be called-in if observed, and asked to step out if exhibited repeatedly.

  • We aim to be radically inclusive and as such expect all members to be mindful of other people’s needs, boundaries and accessibilities. This includes but is not limited to using the right pronouns, speaking slowly when engaging with non-native speakers, attempting to provide translations for important information and being mindful of the diversity of backgrounds that other members come from.

  • All interactions must be non-violent; this involves written communications, spoken language and general behaviour as part of any GreenCheck associated spaces.

  • We assume that all members are present with the best of intentions, that is to catalyze transformations towards a just, equitable and regenerative future for all, and expect everyone to do the same. Any infractions can be brought to the notice of community moderators at any time.

  • We will actively control the spread of misleading information and spam, and expect you to refrain from participating as such to the best of your knowledge. We will always be open to conversation about our decisions.

Expectations for GreenCheck Community Members

  • Adhere to GreenCheck Community Guidelines on creating a safe and productive digital environment when interacting with Supporters and other partner groups on the GreenCheck Communities platform

  • Ad-hoc* reporting of the group's impact and upcoming opportunities/events to GreenCheck team in the form of pictures, videos, written report, statistics, etc. to be shared via email, call, or video call (information will be shared on GreenCheck website & social media for public viewing).

* no fixed frequency; Community Members only share information that they would like GreenCheck to publish on our website and social media platforms (e.g. achievements, upcoming events hosted by the Community Member, etc.). Community Members can also choose never to share anything with GreenCheck.

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