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The GreenCheck Community is a digital hub for GreenCheck Partners, Community Members, and Supporters to share ideas, opportunities, and connect with each other personally.

Join our GreenCheck Community.

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Join us in redefining what mutual support and climate action can look like!  

Networking & Community Building

The GreenCheck Community enables current and potential GreenCheck Partners, individuals, and organisations to connect across borders, share ideas, opportunities, and resources to advance climate action. All members, no matter their background can join this space of mutual support and co-learning.

A Reciprocal Exchange Between Partners & Supporters

While Supporters donate to and support Partner Groups, Partners also have much to teach Supporters. By emphasising that this is a two-way exchange of support, learning and unlearning, GreenCheck strives to dismantle unequal power dynamics that are present in conventional philanthropy and charity work.

Opportunity for Friendship & Relationship Building

All GreenCheck Community participants agree to a set of community expectations mandating respect. This way, they are provided a space to come together and build organic relationships rooted in mutual care and solidarity.



Social media coordination


Research & writing

Graphic design & web development

Video production

Advising & legal assistance


Opportunities for action

Local knowledge

Climate-action experience



"I'm not an activist. I don't think this space is for me."

You don't have to be an activist! GreenCheck Community is for everyone 

concerned about the climate. More than just organising and activism, this space is for learning, sharing, connecting, and even making new friends.


Even if today is the first time in your life you've heard the words "climate change," we are committed to making GreenCheck Community accessible so that starting your climate journey is as easy as possible!

Now more than ever, tackling the climate crisis requires us to create communities of care and mutual support that go beyond financial contributions and that centre justice.

Presenting Hylo! Hylo is a community-building platform where GreenCheck Community is housed. The platform allows members to share opportunities, events, requests, resources, and more!


Here's a sneak peek of what you could find in the GreenCheck Community:

We hope to help establish strong global and regional networks between climate-concerned people and organizations through the GreenCheck Community on Hylo.

We also hope that our GreenCheck Community can serve as an accessible space for anyone to easily engage in climate action, no matter their background in environmental topics.

how to join
Tropical Leaves

 How can I join? 

If you are an individual: 


Upon contributing financially or volunteering your time to support one of our amazing partners, you will automatically receive an invitation link to join the platform (i.e. Become a Supporter and you'll get immediate access)!


Note: If you are unable to donate resources but would still like to join the network, please fill out this form and the GreenCheck team will get back to you in no time! Any individual with skills to offer, time to spend fighting for climate justice, and eager to learn is welcome to join GreenCheck Community.

If you are an environmental or social organisation: 


Fill in this short form and we will get back to you! 

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