What we do

GreenCheck is on a mission to redefine climate action. Centered around community and dedicated to equity and justice, GreenCheck offers a unique opportunity to connect and journey with our partner climate action groups across Southeast Asia (SEA) and Latin America (LA) doing incredible work, each embodying both local and/or Indigenous knowledge and evidence-based climate solutions. Pairing this with our rigorous selection criteria and process, contributors can easily and confidently direct their money to high-impact, community-led climate action groups in regions that are historically and presently underfunded.


Donating just one dollar or volunteering for an hour with one of our partner groups means supporting community-led climate action and an invitation to join GreenCheck Communities. Through GreenCheck Communities, partners, ecosystem partners, and contributors are able to share resources, ideas, and befriend other climate action groups and contributors across the world. It is also here where partner groups provide regular updates to contributors, who then have the opportunity to engage directly with partners by responding to updates, asking questions, and more. Thus, GreenCheck presents to partner groups and contributors an exciting opportunity for co-learning and to find community and support with other climate-concerned people.


GreenCheck also provides valuable capacity-building resources to partners, such as translation services, web design, research, and more. By providing such comprehensive support, we hope to enable partners to expand their projects and achieve their goals.


No matter the background, life experience, or knowledge of climate change, there is a place for everyone at GreenCheck.