Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

Why does GreenCheck focus on Most Affected Peoples and Areas (MAPA)?

How is GreenCheck different from other organizations that also allow me to donate to climate groups?

How can I be sure that the money will go to the partners?

elaborate on transparency

Is there a minimum donation amount?

No, any amount makes a difference!

Are my donations tax deductible?

At the moment, only donations made directly to GreenCheck to fund our core operations are tax deductible in the US. Donations made to GreenCheck Partner Groups are not tax deductible for the time being, but we are working on changing this!

FAQs about GreenCheck Partners

What does it mean to be a GreenCheck Partner Group?

What are the selection criteria for Partner Groups?

What is the selection process like for Partner Groups?

How are Partner Groups’ impact assessed?

How can my climate action group become a GreenCheck Partner Group?

FAQs about GreenCheck Community

What is GreenCheck Community?

How can I join GreenCheck Community?

Can I join GreenCheck Community without donating?

Yes! etc.