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What do we Value?

Decoloniality & Equity

Many existing nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations prescribe solutions to communities and inevitably perpetuate unequal power dynamics & coloniality. At GreenCheck, we believe that local people are best equipped to define and solve the socio-ecological problems they face. As such, we aim to facilitate climate action by letting local communities take the lead, and by supplying them with the resources they are often denied.

Intersectionality & Solidarity

Not only does GreenCheck recognize the climate crisis as having ecological and social effects, but we also understand that these effects are unevenly distributed across society. We hope to work together with and empower marginalized communities most affected by the climate crisis to enact real change.


Entrusting us with your money is no easy task — we know this! This is why GreenCheck makes public all of our financial records and shares with donors exactly where their money will go and the kind of impact they will help to create.


GreenCheck is committed to real and impactful climate action, and we ensure this by partnering with groups pursuing high-impact climate interventions.